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Taking Classroom Notes Pick any topic. You, the student, will do the research, writing and take daily classroom notes. You probable won't be graduating from college if you don't take daily classroom notes and study. You paid for it; this is not free riding high school. So, you can take your head off your desk, get off your smart phone, you probable are not that smart if you are not taking notes, and stop trying to convince the teacher how incredible you are with the lap top when you are really in 'my space'; you are in a space all right! How to take notes in class. If you don't read, you probable aren't going to learn in life.

Academia Research Writing:Pick any topic. You, the student, will do the research and writing. The topic is not the issue, but, your ability to gather research (google, EBSCO, Bibliographic Databases, Similar Journals by Topics) and write a persuasive 5 page essay on any subject is the test. How to: Writing Persuasive?Format Styles of Writing to add to your Works Cited: Writing Lab How to take notes in class. Research APA Essay MLA Basic writing the 5 Page Essay. Now the Research Paper How to conduct internet research for writing your essays 1 2 Now Writing the first essay1 (try to research and study on a college campus 7am-11pm and stay away from study groups when you have to many people clowning and unprepared; waste of your time).

Journalism Writing:
Journalism AP Guide. Journalism-Studies. Note: We do not link to xxx adult links; but, remember, good Journalism, we, have to cover violence and hate around the world without, as best we can, biasing an opinion! Documenting the Crimes before they happen; caution: INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM may contain a bit of a criminal element TO A RESEARCH STORY or it may not. You just wait, document, save your evidence, and see! This Web Site may not be for you; you are welcome not to visit-or not to follow, and seek out a lesser truth. Everyone is welcome. No phishing stuff. It’s free. This Website does not offer legal advise. Writers: learn how to get published, market, and sell your writings Self Publishing Book 1 2 3

Dissertation, A Thesis, Rod Research

The literary criticism, investigation of topics, problems in history, literature and politics dealing with economics and sociology. Like most authors, the test is to gather the evidence and arrange it; carring on the research and asking the right questions. The author, the writer, the director has to detach from self to examine history like a grain of salt. To except a model in history without examining it, this would be intellectual failure. The author proceeds with unspoken rules of grammar and rhetoric; a far distance from Standardized English; a perversion to the Language one might cry; inductive and deductive reasoning that would offend the educated ear. But, who is educated? Did you read the Thesis! Writers: learn how to get published, market, and sell your writings
Book Writings Remember, these writings are long 'works in process' to record certain times in history. The book is the projection of the author; a collection of the author's work; a history recordation for the public record. Final Draft. Justification. Answer Question. Issue. Logic. Methodology. Problem worth it. Purpose. Authoritative. Interdisciplinary. Up to date. Resolution. Unique. Original. Solvable. Order. Story Boarding. Finished.Table of Contents (Images). Keyword Index. Primary and Secondary Sources. Similar Journals by Topics Bibliography (Images). Self Publishing Book 1 2 3 Writers: learn how to get published, market, and sell your writings Research and Citation > Chicago Manual of Style

Active Independent Scholarly Dissertation Writings:
Remember, these writings are long 'works in processes' to be left open for discussion, may not be/meet Board approval, and plain view for reviewing peers. Familiarize. Personal Responsibility. Revise. Adapt. Reformulate. Anonymity or Blind Reviews are okay in this forum. This think ahead creative activity and/or artistry work is on topics challenging the status quo intellectual ideology, snobbery Think Tanks, cynicism, translation, prejudiced norms in society that the Scholar may neglect, intolerant and dare not touch. Often ahead of the curve of main stream with new knowledge; often interdisciplinary writers use self published writings to get their work heard. Searching the MLA International BibliographySubmitting The 5 page Journal Manuscript APA. Bibliographic Databases Basic writing the 5 Page Essay. Submitting a book Manuscript Writers: learn how to get published, market, and sell your writingsSelf Publishing Book 1 2 3

Legal Writings: The Trial

This Website does not offer legal advise. Writing your own complaint to the courts Writing a Civil Pleading How to answer a civil complaint Download Pleading Paper (Templates) Writing the Brief Preparing Interrogatories  Court Procedure Discovery is where you enter your evidence; not in trial; not in Appeal; w/exceptions  Rules of Evidence   Court Motions to Consider before trial  Affirmative Defenses  Prima facie Law By State How to Research Federal and State Statutes   Conspiracy (crime)   Elements of a Crime Elements of a Crime: Intent  Law Classes Legal writing: an overview Oral Argument Competitions Qualifiers, Thinking like a Judge: Browse Cases and Codes Qualifiers, Thinking like a Judge: Guide to Secondary Legal Resources   Qualifiers, Thinking like a Judge: The Daily "Legal Blogs" Case Law Legal Dictionary 1 1.2 1.5 2
Legal Writings: The Appeal
This Website does not offer legal advise. Grounds for Appeal Perjury
But, are police officer allowed to lie during an investigation and is it not perjury? Maybe Not? Knowingly providing false evidence, fabricate evidence, forge evidence, coercing witnesses or taint evidence Witness Coercion Discovery is where you enter your evidence; not in trial; not in Appeal; w/exceptions The Innocence Project (300+): didn't testify for yourself? In jurisprudence, Prosecutorial misconduct Planting Evidence Hiding, omitting, passing-by, neglecting, leaving-out 'Exculpatory evidence' Opinion: Who should take the Witness Stand? Not legal advice, but if you have a truth to tell, for the appeal record, so what about your criminal past being brought up as they will threaten you, guilty in past doesn't make you guilty in present, you should consider testifying; if you have a lie, cross-examination will severely confuse you probably; not a good idea?

Ph.D. Dissertation Writings:Remember, these writings are long 'works in processes' to be left open for discussion, usually is Board approved, and plain view for reviewing peers. Discuss. Present. Analyze. Synthesize. Write the Story. Rewrite. Think. Intercession. Present. Evaluate. Share. Rewrite. Evaluate. Similar Journals by Topics Presenting the Non Fiction Submission Guidelines Presenting the Book Cover Letter Presenting a Lecture. How to write a Seminar Paper. Seminar Writing Tips. Presenting Public Debate Speech. Bibliographic Databases Similar Journals by Topics Writers: learn how to get published, market, and sell your writings See daily Professional Journals and Writings.

Fictional Writings: September 28, 1942 was a day to remember in history; the new Angels began to descend from Heaven unto the Earth. They would bring new messages from the Lord. Fiction writings may be stories written around facts. Basic writing the 5 Page Essay. How to take notes in class.Fiction Book Blogs ... The Book Blogger Directory Writers: learn how to get published, market, and sell your writings Self Publishing Book 1 2 3

American Literature Writings: The Opinionated Writer

Yes, Americans have a knack for giving you their opinion; whether it is main-stream, probable not. So, the main stream won't like it. It is nothing new. Self Publishers such as Edgar Allen Poe, Virginia Wolfe, and James Joyce delighted this freedom to self publish. Many authors may submit their work as many as seventy times to the main stream and grammarians to never be published; they don't understand the main stream attempt to control freedom of expression. So self publish: write it, revise it, produce it, and promote it. Lets get it done you daily citizen journalist.

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